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how candles with botanical add ins can be a fire risk

How Candles with Botanical Add-ins can be a Fire Risk

Candles with gems, crystals, flowers and other foreign objects can be unsafe when burning. It doesn’t matter if you buy the candle from a large retail store or from a small independent business, candles with foreign objects in them can be a fire hazard and should not be burned. 

candles with botanical add ins can be a fire risk

Candles from Trusted Large Retailers MUST be Safe?

Unfortunately, as a consumer, you expect when you go to your local high street or shopping centre, that the products you are purchasing are safe and compliant with the latest laws and regulations. I can tell you first-hand as a chandler (candle maker) that this is sadly not the case.

You have small businesses selling these unsafe candles on the likes of well-known marketplaces and people are purchasing them. You have large retailers selling them on their shelves. In fact, I went to a large retail store just before Christmas to do a spot of Christmas shopping and I noted not one, not two, but over four different candles with no safety CLP labelling on the candles at all!

I’d like to say this was a one-off but I have also been to other retail shops to browse their candles and it is commonplace to see the legal safety labelling missing on their home fragrance products. Below is an image of a candle with gems and other foreign objects purchased from a large, well-known UK retailer. As you can see after burning, the glass has smashed and the person was lucky enough not to have a house fire.

candles with flowers in them can be a fire risk

New laboratory testing by the National Candle Association (NCA) shows candles with botanical add-ins can be dangerous

The NCA became aware of a growing number of candles for sale in June 2022 that contain flammable materials such as dried flowers, leaves, herbs (like cinnamon sticks) and even wood embedded in the wax next to the wick of the candle. This style of embellished candle allows decorative elements to become part of the liquid wax pool when the candle is burned. The NCA specifically state that a candle’s melt pool should be clear of all debris while burning to burn safely.

NCA explained its concern in a safety message it released in June stating: “Unlike the long-standing style of candle that has elements embedded around the outside in wax that safely remain solid throughout the life of the candle, thus shielding the embedded elements from the flame and heat, these candles do not.”

how a botanical candle can set on fire

What about Gems and Crystals?

Some gems and crystals are non-flammable and should be safe to burn, it depends on what they are made from (are they real or plastic etc.) So make sure you check out the safety testing of the company you buy the candle from beforehand. Have they extensively tested this element of their candles? Do they have testing information they can provide you with detailed information about their burn tests? Also check there are no additional flammable items in the candle amongst the crystals and gems, which I personally see a lot of. Crystal candles, even if they are real crystals, with dried flowers embedded in the wax are still a fire risk due to the flowers being there.

You sell Wax Melts with Dried Botanicals in them, isn’t that a Fire Risk?

Wax melts are safe to have dried botanicals/flowers in them because they don’t get as hot in the wax warmers/burners when compared to candles. So there is no issue with fire safety. All of our wax melts, just like our candles are thoroughly tested before reaching the customer.

All of our wax melts are infused with natural and biodegradable dried botanicals. Our dried botanicals consist of 100% natural dried flower petals. This is so we can offer natural seasonal flower petals with no artificial colours, preservatives or bleaching agents. We utilise other British businesses and source all of our materials from the UK.

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