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how to reuse candle container jar safely

6 Ways to Reuse your Kerry Bennett Candle Containers

How to Reuse your Candle Containers Safely

How Candle Jars are Different to Normal Jars and Containers

Candle jars, like our externally white gloss, Italian 220g glass jars that we use for our candles, can come in many shapes and sizes. However, these jars aren’t just any old jar or container, they are specifically made to house a hot, burning candle.

Candle jars are made from stronger materials than other purposed jars, which is why it’s extremely important when looking to purchase a candle, it comes in a suitable, safe container or jar that is specifically made for candles.

So if you see someone selling a candle in a jar or container that does not look heat resistant, you’re probably better off giving it a miss.

Can I Reuse my Candle Jar for Another Candle?

You should not reuse your candle jar to house another candle. Some businesses offer refillable candles and we do not recommend it. Why? Because continuing to use the candle jar over and over again affects the integrity of the jar and over time, it can cause the strength of the container or jar to be compromised which can lead it to crack or even worse, smash. This can put you at risk of a potential house fire.

What’s even more important is a lot of insurance companies that insure candle businesses will not cover the business should anything happen in result of a claim as they won’t cover refills as part of their policies.

How to Reuse Candle Jars

Our glass candle jars can easily be cleaned out and repurposed for other household uses. I definitely use multiple jars around my house that I have left over from testing candles or from my own stock. No DIY required, just a clean out your candle container and take a look below at 6 ways you can reuse your Kerry Bennett Candle glass jar:

  1. Repot your succulents

Finding the right pot can prove difficult, especially to match your home décor. However, you’ve already given your candles a check of approval, so why not reuse those containers as succulent pots? They’ll look sleek and if you have more than one of the same candle, they’ll match perfectly, too. Our 220g externally white gloss jars are perfect for this very reason as they are neutral in any home!

kerry bennett candle reuse jar for succulent pot

  1. Up the ambience of your home

Add a few coiled rolls of fairy lights to a couple of empty candle jars and place them in your window. It’ll add instant mood lighting, whether you’re having dinner for two indoors or setting up a Saturday evening movie night for the family.

  1. Use them as drinking glasses

You can also use the jars to drink from too! Just make sure you thoroughly clean them out multiple times with warm, soapy water and ensure that all wax and other residue is removed. You can easily put together a matching set of glasses from the same size candles.

  1. Use to hold makeup brushes or other accessories

Set an empty glass on top of your vanity or in your bathroom to provide a space for toothbrushes, jewellery, hair accessories, lipsticks or even makeup brushes. It’ll keep everything neat and tidy and make missing earrings a thing of the past.

kerry bennett candle reuse jar for makeup brushes

  1. Make a mini herb garden

No need to leave the house to search for the perfect herb garden containers. Simply add some soil and seeds and watch your plants — and your culinary expertise — grow. They also look far more stylish (and are much more earth-friendly) than those basic plastic pots.

  1. Organise office supplies

You can use our candle jars to neatly store pens, paper clips, staples, and all the other items that make your workspace a productive one.

 kerry bennett candle reuse jar for stationary and pens


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