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World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is a global annual event that is celebrated every year on March 17th. Created by a group of dedicated healthcare providers and members of the medical community working and studying in the area of sleep medicine and research. The aim of World Sleep Day is to organise sleep health awareness activities to better promote mental and social well-being.

The theme for 2023 is Sleep is Essential for Health. Just like eating and exercising, sleep is a major factor in helping with a person’s physical, mental and social well-being. Despite this, sleep is still not commonly considered an essential behaviour to good health.

world sleep day sleep is essential for health

A lot of people purchase essential oil-based candles in hopes it will help them with sleep. Unfortunately, as we pointed out in our “The Truth About Essential Oils” Blog, this isn’t the case. For essential oils to work, they need to be applied topically (to the skin) inhaled or digested which isn’t possible when burning a candle.

Can Certain Smells Help with Sleep?

However, not all hope is lost! Certain smells can help with your quality of sleep regardless of whether being essential oil-based or not! Because of the power of the sense of smell, certain fragrances may contribute to better sleep based on your own personal experiences and what memories you link specific scents to.

Not surprisingly, some scents are commonly associated with a more inviting bedroom environment. In the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 Bedroom Poll, 78% of people said they were more excited for bed when their sheets had a fresh scent, and 71% of people described getting more comfortable sleep with fresh sheets.

Sheets, though, are just one source of bedtime fragrances, and there are indications that bringing other scents into the bedroom may promote improved sleep.

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fresh linen scented soy wax candle

What Scents Help you go to Sleep?

With so many scent options out there, you may be wondering what are the best options to increase your ability to sleep? We have put a list together that contains the top 4 scents for better sleep and the reasons why they work. Below also includes an option to personalise, based on your own individual experiences.

Lavender – This calming fragrance has been used for years to reduce anxiety and general agitation. The scent can slow down your nervous system which is what helps relax your body and prepare it for a good night’s sleep. Using a lavender-infused massage oil can increase the effect by relaxing your muscles with a scent that naturally relaxes you.

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Vanilla – Vanilla has been shown to reduce the startle reflex in both animals and humans. It has been used in stress tests and the people that were given this scent have better blood pressure and more stable heart rates.

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Jasmine – Possibly even more powerful for sleep than lavender, this flower’s sweet smell really helps sleep quality. Sniffing this scent will decrease the amount of movement you have during a night’s sleep. It also has been shown to have an improved quality of sleep, bringing you out of sleep in a more refreshed manner.

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Rose – The scent of a rose is both calming and sedative making it a perfect scent for inducing sleep. Studies have suggested that the scent of a rose can lead you to pleasant dreams. Other studies have shown that the smell of a rose, while you are sleeping, can improve your memory when you are awake.

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Your favourite scent – Possibly the best news of all, is that our olfactory system is linked to the part of our brain associated with emotions. So if there is a smell that has a big impact on you, or reminds you of relaxed, happy times, that could be the best scent for you to fall asleep to.

You can find more information about World Sleep Day by visiting their official website.

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